In terms of my education, I am a cultural and community organizer, and I am a painter by profession. For me, painting is a passion and a love that brings joy and fulfillment. Mostly I like to create in nature, I don’t work according to the usual schemes. I see my painting as a filter that filters the image I see, and the image I have already processed is placed on the canvas. When I create, the barriers are removed, I experience freedom and opportunity. While creating my best images, I often experience the flow experience, as if a cavalcade of lights, colors, sounds, flows through me, and I almost give instinctive brushstrokes to the viewer everything I could experience. I started painting in 1996. Initially I used watercolor, tempera and acrylic techniques, later I switched to oil painting. My first solo exhibition took place in December 2000 in Szerencs. The success of the exhibition encouraged the continuation of painting and further training in fine arts. I trained myself primarily in a self-taught way. I participated in solo and group exhibitions. My paintings were judged five times for the Zemplén Summer Exhibition, where I won a special prize twice. My painting was initially inspired by the 17th century Dutch landscape painters, as well as the works of Károly Markó Sr. I mainly paint landscapes, I capture the natural beauties of my narrower homeland in my paintings. I am the exhibition guide at the György Urbán Gallery in Sárospatak.

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