Gabor Juhasz was born in 1977 and grew up in Szerencs/Northern Hungary. He currently lives with his wife and little son in Vámosújfalu/ Northern Hungary. He began to paint in 1996 after a serious illness. He made pictures initially with watercolor paints, he then  turned to tempera, acrylic and finally to oil paint.


His first independent exhibition was created in December 2000 in Szerencs/Hungary. The success of the exhibition encouraged him to continue to paint. He learned painting mainly autodidact and also in arttist’ creative camps from famous contemporary painters. Gabor participated in several independent and group exhibitions throughout Hungary and received several awards.

He admires the 17th century Dutch landscape painters who portrayed nature in a true way. The art of Károly Markó Senior is also inspirational to him. The impressionists and post-impressionists, especially Van Gogh had of a special influence on him. He mainly paints landscapes, depicting the untouched beauty of nature. He frames his paintings himself.

There are several paintings of Gabor in public institutions, hotels, hospitals and cultural centers in Hungary. Gabor also donated his painting several times for charity.


His works can be found in several countries over the world by private individuals and institution: in Germany, Malawi ,Netherlands, , Romania. Slovakia and the United States.


Painting means for him relaxation, meditation and a permanent search to transmit and conciliate the beauty of life and nature. The landscape of his home countryside, the Zemplén in Northern Hungary, the rivers Tisza and Takta provide the main inspiration for his painting, but flowers, are also his favorite themes. He also likes to paint temples and castles.

My Paintings / Festményeim

Takta stream series for sale

My privately owned paintigs

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